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Our Research Measures and Improves Marketing Campaigns

Our in-depth research includes metrics and analysis programs, blogs, Google updates, top marketers forum discussions, and innovations or new changes to the top rated methods and programs for inbound marketing and search engine optimization. We provide reports and briefings if needed to explain the details.

In particular, competitor research into the local market includes metrics and analysis of competitor sites, links to those sites, domain and page authority, Google Adwords, and content.

We only represent one client in each city as we would be competing with our clients for local page ranking if we did not. That is a conflict of interest and we are very loyal to our accounts!

Local Search

Local search is a sub-industry in itself under the umbrellas of inbound marketing and SEO. Our research and tools that we use ensure optimal local search results include Google Places, Maps, Yahoo Local and Bing Local. Local search usually brings up map results first, and recent changes have shown organic search results above the maps listings.

One of the newer techniques that shows in the Google results page is the picture of the author of the website or blog. One example is on one of our sites. Search for Portland webmaster and look at the top results with a picture.

See our blog "Amazing Space and Local Grace" >


These days, web site design is integrated with internet marketing, also known as inbound marketing, and SEO (search engine optimization). We integrate both to maximize results.

Why have a web site that cannot be found? To be integrated, the site not only needs to have a design and content that engages the site visitor, but also is easy to find with certain keywords searches related to your business.

"Scammers and Spammers"

There are more and more scammers and spammers out there and people getting into the web business. It almost seems life the real estate business.. Unfortunately, it casts a shadow on those of us who are following the best standards and practices for web design and marketing. We have been involved in web site design and development since 1999, and many of our sites that we manage are at the top of Google for their relevant keyword searches.

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Get a QuoteImportant Fact: We use the top rated, award winning inbound marketing- SEO program to leverage our time and results for our clients.

Full webmaster services include advanced web design and development, creative and custom web page design, and an experienced web designer. Our advanced services include programming in Adobe Cold Fusion for Content Management and E-commerce web sites, Facebook marketing, page development, and ad campaigns. We have experience in developing marketing plans, managing email programs, SEO or search engine optimization including top of Google page rankings in Portland, Salem, and Eugene for certain keywords.

We also engage in market and competitor research, Twitter marketing,Google webmaster tools, Google Places, and research of current trends and best standards. Our recent upgrade to the Adobe Creative Cloud shows our commitment to use the latest cutting edge web design and development software for our clients. Creativity and inspiration are the cornerstones of our business. Every client has specific needs. We provide a free consultation to see if our services are a match. Request a free consultation>

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