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The Stats are Stunning. The Demand is There. Facebook Business Should be a Part of Every Marketing Plan

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Our comprehensive creative and technical Facebook marketing services are designed to give you the benefits, tools, and strategies that will engage, build and grow your audience, maximize your welcome message, and provide an ongoing system of targeted messages to your audience. We can work with you depending on how much management you need. Marketing samples: From our blog: Facebook Boost Easier to Use for Promoted Posts > - To see a sample of our Facebook admin services, where we create banners, post messages, and monitor traffic, visit Long's Meat Market Facebook Page >.

Develop a Unique Voice
We help you to develop a unique voice in your industry. Why is this important? By adding some creative ideas for presenting your knowledge in a series of ongoing posts, blogs, or quick quotes, you can engage that same group of fans who clicked the Like button and wanted to receive updates from you in the same compelling, authentic and personal way in which they were first engaged. Will you keep them as fans, referral sources and business clients? No guarantees, but an ongoing series of campaigns will provide a much better chance of keeping your fans. We have a case study to share with about The Butcher's Blog.

Get a QuoteWho are Your Fans?

Who are your supporters and followers? How will they want to connect with you? What content will be important to them and what will engage them? Sometimes a comment about life, a different angle on your industry trends, a case study that was amazing, or an inspirational quote. Holiday greetings are always a nice gesture, but maybe link it to a Youtube video with a flash mob singing the Hallelujah chorus that has had 1 million views. Add in an occasional Wow Factor with a Facebook post and people are more likely to like it.

Too Busy to Manage All of This? We Help to Define Your Goals and Implement Them

Most business owners are too busy trying to manage their own daily checklist of priorities that never seem to get done, and taking more time to update Facebook pages, write a blog, posts a cool link, or keep the connection with fans. Our monthly retainer will include a well planned strategy to obtain and keep fans. This may include creative ideas for telling your story, building awareness around your events, announcing new services or products, or sharing a powerful link to important news such as the death of Steve Jobs. When your fans see that you are engaged with your industry and interesting topics, they will be engaged with you. The Facebook platform is changing the way that we build and maintain our sphere of influence.

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