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Why Copywriting is Important

1) Your Web Site Needs Professional Copy Writing to Have Better Results

If your web site had professional copy writing versus a few standard sentences and paragraphs, how much more response would you have, and how much more would your reader be engaged with what is being said and would want to read more?

2) Usability Studies Have Shown That Most People Do Not Read Every Word. They Scan.

If most people scan a page, they are looking at key words, ideas and concepts that cause them to respond and maintain an interest. Consider your own web site browsing behavior. You're not alone.

3) How Do We Create "Killer Content" for your Web Site?

To write "killer content" we research your industry, and research which relevant keywords have more search traffic for the web page that we are to write the content. We integrate code, SEO (search engine optimization), and a best standards approach for writing web copy.

1) create strong and concise headlines and taglines to engage the reader
Create a strong first sentence that may include a question 3) Plan out the writing
4) use carefully chosen words and phrases to keep them interested. 5) Review this first draft with you, the owner of the site who has contracted us to design and build your site in addition to creating strong content. 6) Revise and rewrite the copy until it has the sizzle, the "wow factor" and/or the technical description of your product or services that works for you and for your site visitor.

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